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Fishing Charters on the Kenai Peninsula: What Will You Catch?

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If you’ve been looking for that fishing trip of myth and legend, you might have just found it.  

When you sign up for a fishing charter on the Kenai Peninsula with Kenai KingPin, you’re not just getting a date on a calendar and the opportunity to drop a line in the water—you’re getting the chance to have an adventure fishing in Alaska you’ve never had before.  

So whether you’re a veteran fisherman or someone who’s never touched a line, get in touch with Kenai KingPin, and let’s land you the trip of a lifetime.

Alaskan Fish

Fish We Catch

King Salmon

a close up of a fish

Lewis and Clark thought the Chinook salmon—or the King Salmon, as it’s more commonly known—was the best fish they’d ever tasted. Let’s see if it lives up to the hype.

Sockeye Salmon

a close up of a fish

Sockeye salmon are one of the most distinctive species of salmon, mainly due to their bright red coloration that forms from a high-krill/plankton diet.  These guys are a thrill to catch!

Silver Salmon

a close up of a fish

The Coho, or Silver, salmon is a popular species to find in the rivers of the Kenai Peninsula. These fish are especially fun to cook and tasty to eat due to their high fat content.

Pink Salmon

a fish swimming under water

Pink salmon, or humpback salmon, are readily identified by their unique humpback, which appears on the males of species during mating season.  

Rainbow Trout

a close up of a fish

Rainbow trout are a popular species throughout the United States. These fish are noted for their excellent taste and high nutritional and antioxidant content.


a close up of a fish

Halibut are a unique-looking and uniquely fun fish to catch. They can run pretty big, and are well-known for yielding large fillets that are fantastic, whether deep-fried or grilled.


a close up of a fish

Rockfish can be most readily spotted by the distinct spines of their dorsal fin, and their proclivity to deep water.  These fish can live for quite a long time, sometimes over 100 years!

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You ready to catch some great Alaskan fish? Reach out to Kenai KingPin today, and get a fishing charter on the Kenai Peninsula that will take you on the fishing trip of a lifetime!

Dolly Varden

a close up of a fish

Dolly Varden trout are cold-water tributary fish native to the Pacific Ocean.  These fish sport a beautiful coloration, with scattered pale yellow and pinkish-yellow spots dotting their body.

Your Dream Alaskan FIshing Trip Awaits

Our fishing charters on the Kenai Peninsula are sure to take you on an amazing adventure. No matter which trip you are interested in taking, our guide will make sure you have everything you need to make your catch(es) of the day, starting with your charter!

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