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The Kenai Peninsula

Kenai Peninsula Fishing Spots

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Lower Kenai River

Hey, anglers! This is the Lower Kenai River. It’s a great place to bring your boat if you like to fish for rainbow trout, steelhead (ocean-run), and Dolly Varden. The Lower Kenai River has abundant food sources that attract large-sized fish. These fish gorge themselves on small fish, salmon eggs, and salmon carcasses.

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Middle Kenai River

The Middle Kenai River is a must-fish—starting at Bing’s Landing and ending at Skilak Lake, the watershed holds huge rainbow trout, steelhead (ocean-run), and plenty of salmon. This means while you’re floating upstream, you might want to experience this different territory. It’s not just drift only, but motor too!

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Lower/Upper Kasilof River

Tired of the same old thing? Adventure awaits you on the Kasilof River. The river is cold and swift with powerful current, but if you’re up for a challenge, the Kasilof River is perfect. It’s not for the faint of heart, but if you feel ready, it will be unlike any other adventure you’ve ever experienced.

Our Specialty Trips

Ocean Fishing

After running the rivers, are you ready to brave the icy squall of the sea?  

Kenai KingPin is ready and willing to take the enterprising fisherman out on the ocean fishing trip of a lifetime.  Whether you’re looking to hook a massive halibut, cast out a line for some salmon, or hunt for rockfish along the coast, we’ll take you where you want to go and where the fish just so happen to be.   

Reach out to Kenai KingPin today, and let’s get you out of the river and into the ocean.  Call now!

Our Specialty Trips

Upper Kasilof River

If you’re ready to brave the icy waters of the Upper Kasilof in search of your next big catch, then get in touch with Kenai KingPin today, and let’s get you out on the water.

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Kasilof King Salmon Drift

May through late June we will typically be targeting hatchery King Salmon on a scenic float trip down the Kasilof River. Charters can accommodate 4-5 anglers per boat. Regulation limit: 2 King Salmon per person.

Early Run Kenai King Salmon

1st run Kenai Kings enter the river in June and taper off towards July. Charters can accommodate 4-5 people per boat. Regulation limit: catch and release only. Trust us, this is a great choice for your fishing day in Alaska!

Late Run Kenai King Salmon

2nd run Kenai Kings enter the river starting in early July and peak action occurs the last 3 weeks of the month. We can run 4-5 anglers per boat. Regulation limit: catch and release only. 

Sockeye Salmon

1st run peaks in mid June and 2nd run peaks mid July through late August. Charters can accommodate 4 passengers in July and 4-5 passengers any other time. Regulation limits: 3-6 fish per angler depending on run size.

King Salmon / Sockeye Combo

Enjoy a day targeting both species. We typically spend half the day targeting Sockeye to keep and then spend the rest of the day targeting large King Salmon. This is a great way to get a search for a variety of fish during your trip in Alaska!

Silver Salmon

Mid August-October. Charters can accommodate 4-5 anglers per boat. 

Rainbow Trout

Peak times are June 11 to early July as well as mid August-October. Boats can accommodate up to 4 anglers or smaller groups can reserve the entire boat. This is a trip that is sure to wow you!

Silver / Pink / Trout Combo

Spend the morning targeting Salmon, and finish the rest of the day going after some of the largest Rainbow Trout in the world! 4-5 anglers per boat or reserve the entire boat for 1-3 anglers.

Ocean Halibut / Rockfish / Salmon

Spend the day with one of our trusted ocean captains targeting some of the largest and best eating fish in Alaska. Charters can accommodate 6-12 anglers depending on the boat.

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